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Dogs For A Cause

Beach Access MatHere at Realty World - First Coast Realty, we are proud of our local communities and strive to make all of our towns better for everyone. Over the last few years, we have hosted a number proprietary events, that we have called, Dogs For A Cause. Our goal was simple: To provide better access to our coast so that all can experience it's beauty. With that, we set forth on our events, providing hot dogs (because who doesn't like a good hot dog?) with the hopes of raising donations. Our initial goal was to purchase beach access mats, which would allow for beach access for wheelchair users, folks with mobility issues, families with strollers, as well as a cooler way to walk down to the beach (roughly $6,000). With the amazing support from our community, we were able to raise enough funds to purchase these mats. The mats are setup periodically via the Town of Atlantic Beach and the Atlantic Beach Fire Department.

Beach WheelchairFollowing suite with our initial efforts, our second goal was to raise funds to purchase a beach wheelchair to expand the inventory at the Town of Atlantic Beach (roughly $1,400). Again, with the phenomenal support from our local families and friends, we were able to once again raise enough funds to reach our goal and purchase a new beach wheelchair for the town of Atlantic Beach.

Not only do these products help more individuals access our beaches, but it showcases the dedication and care of our neighbors and communities. They are the ones who have donated their time to come and support a wonderful cause and through their help, we have all been a part of making a difference in our town.

Hopefully, we can continue to create new ways of helping to better our local beach communities in the future.