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Our Top 9 Reasons to live along North Carolina's Crystal Coast

Our Top 9 Reasons To Live Along North Carolina's Crystal CoastThe Crystal Coast is one of the most iconic beaches along the coast of North Carolina and is quickly becoming a haven for those who desire a retreat from the clamor of the larger, more overcrowded cities. From an abundance of waterways to a distinct handful of the state’s oldest historical landmarks, a unique experience is truly waiting around each sand dune.

  1. Outdoor Lifestyle

    Outdoor Lifestyle along The Crystal CoastWhether it’s fishing, boating, diving or enjoying one of the exciting watersports along the Crystal Coast, there’s an activity for every outdoor enthusiast. Our location to the Atlantic Ocean provides a temperate climate, making our area comfortable and enjoyable during much of the year. Be sure to carry bug spray during the warmer months, as mosquitos might get the best of you. With over 85 miles of coastline, 15 hiking trails and plenty of sunshine, who knows what secret hideaway you may stumble upon.

  2. History

    Crystal Coast HistoryThe Crystal Coast may be a hidden gem, but it’s no stranger to strange history. With a culture rooted in fishing, boatbuilding, and experienced watermen, our shorelines are home to intriguing stories of pillaging pirates and war-ridden dunes. Our historical landmarks are sprinkled around the coastal towns of Carteret County. During your journey, you’ll find aged graveyards, historical homes, old forts and enchanting lighthouses - all with their own stories to tell. Furthermore, these low-cost or free activities have options for either guided or self-guided tours and are accessible throughout the majority of the year. Whether a history buff or just a knowledge-seeker, our coast is ripe with relics from antiquity to discover.

  3. Food & Drink

    Crystal Coast Food & DrinkFrom local brewery’s to freshly caught seafood around every corner, The Crystal Coast has the table set when it comes to coastal cuisine. Not only are our towns noted in a variety of well-known food and wine publications and television channels such as The Epicurean, Our State Magazine, and the Travel Channel, they’ve also caught the attention of respected food connoisseurs. Book a reservation on any of the waterfront restaurants and don’t be surprised to witness the chef carrying dinner from the boat to the kitchen. Pair up local flair with their culinary expertise and you have a recipe for an astounding meal. Perhaps testing the taps from one of the 6 local craft breweries along the Intracoastal Aleway is more your style? Stretching a short 14 miles, these breweries feature flavors as unique as the brogue of the folks that make them, all while satisfying the craft beer palate. With tastings year round, you can pick your perfect pint of coastal hops. The excitement doesn’t stop there. Here along the Crystal Coast, we like to celebrate our food and the people that prepare it. With a variety of local events, such as the Seafood Festival, Newport Pig Cookin’, and The Beaufort Food & Wine Weekend, the time’s always perfect to indulge the foodie in you.

  4. Weather

    Crystal Coast WeatherOrdinarily, the best way to keep up with our local weather is by keeping up with the local meteorologist. Often, local folks will say that “Summer takes up 9 months out of the year and Winter takes up 3 months”. While that can be true from time to time, the weather here is fairly mild and temperate, making it a perfect place to enjoy spending time outdoors. Summer days are perfect for enjoying carolina blue skies and warm temperatures. Enjoy a passing thunderstorm for a bit of reprieve from the sun, which, consequently, provides a great photo op. Our winters are mild with an occasional cold snap and even a bit of snow from time to time. Here along the coast, the weather can change in an instant. While the weatherman does his best to predict the patterns for the week, we all know that coastal weather has its own mind. It’s best to prepare for anything and always have a decent pair of rain boots tucked away for good measure.

  5. Education

    Crystal Coast EducationRecently voted #2 in all of North Carolina’s school systems, Carteret County schools are perfect for those looking for a great learning environment. There is a variety of public, private and charter schools to fit any child’s needs. According to , Out of the 518 High Schools in North Carolina, Croatan High School ranks 90th, with West Carteret Ranking 95th and East Carteret Ranking 124. With some of the countries best Universities within a few hours of Carteret County, it’s no wonder why so many families choose to create their homes here.

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  6. Art & Culture

    Crystal Coast Arts & CultureOur beautiful landscape provides inspiration to photographers, painters and a variety of creative minds. Our local Community theatre is a hot spot for anyone looking for great entertainment and theatrical plays. Treat yourself to a bit of eye candy and peruse the variety of art galleries and stores and perhaps even find the perfect accompaniment to your coastal style.

  7. Bragging Rights

    Coastal Living Bragging Rights“I really don’t like living on the coast”, said no one ever. Life along our beautiful coastline comes chock full of sand, sun and bragging rights. Coastal living along Carteret County's communities offers up unique lifetime opportunities for the memory books. These experiences are easy icebreakers and are always award-winning conversation starters.

  8. Wildlife

    Crystal Coast WildlifeKnown for it’s expansive coastline and national seashore, The Crystal Coast is a wildlife-lover’s gem. The wild horses of Shackleford Banks are living history. Presumably, these descendants of spanish mustangs were survivors of ships that ran aground along the dangerous shoals off of Cape Lookout National Seashore. These horses, along with the herds on Carrot Island, can be seen and enjoyed from a distance by boat or hiking on the islands. 

Scouring the shorelines for crabs, clams and other bites to eat, diverse species of shorebirds can be viewed playing a game of tag with the waves, while pelicans soar over the surf. Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are often spotted and are exciting to observe. During certain times of year, you may even become a spectator to a nest of sea turtles hatching to start their new life in the ocean.

  9. Atmosphere

    Crystal Coast AtmosphereNo more 9–5. No more hair-pulling traffic and no more hustle and bustle. For those of you looking for a truly relaxing lifestyle with an abundance of wildlife and outdoor recreation all with the eclectic character, The Crystal Coast sets the tone for a relaxing way of life.




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